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Coming of Age

The Girl in the Shadows Part 2 will soon be available!

Life throws a lot of tough times Grace’s way. Will she sink or swim? Will she be able to cope with the hard decisions she faces?

If you do not know the story so far, check out this free preview.

Part 2 will answer some important questions:

Will the Priest help Grace? Or will he throw her to the wolves?

Will Granny Maura be able to save her?

Will Grace be allowed to continue along this path?

Who is Liam? Or Jackie? Or Maura?

Will they play an important part in Grace’s life? Or are they just ships that pass in the night?

Why is the new school master so angry? And how can Granny Maura sort out the problem?


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Is glas iad na cnoic i bhfad uainn

(Faraway Hills are Green)



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