My Books

For as long as I can remember I have loved the smell of a new book and the sight of a blank sheet of paper being filled with my handwriting.

I joined a creative writing class and as well as making some very good friends, I learned that writing is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I would definitely recommend joining a group if you are a writer. The help and support I received were incredible. Readers can also benefit by joining groups as a book shared is a book enjoyed all over again!

I write on many subjects as I also love to read so let me know which ones you prefer!

Click on the links below to see all my published works.


The Girl in the Shadows Part 3

The Girl in the Shadows Part 2

The Girl in the Shadows Part 1

Paranormal Romance

Love’s Spirit – When two Hearts Collide


Stuff of Nightmares

Irish Paranormal Haunts

Irish Paranormal Haunts Vol 2

A Little Book of Horror

Self help

Fibromyalgia – My Personal Experiences

A Self Help Guide to Stress Relief and Stress Management

How to Guides

A Seller’s Guide to Successful Online Auctions

Power up Your Facebook Business Page in 7 Days

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