My Books

DS Louisa Williams series

LookOverYourShoulder    Search the Shadows new design    Death in the Darkness new design

Look Over Your Shoulder – DS Louisa Williams Book 1 Paperback Amazon Nook Books Kobo

Search the Shadows – DS Louisa Williams Book 2 Amazon

Death in the Darkness – DS Louisa Williams Book 3 Amazon

The Girl in the Shadows Series

Coming of age   DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL   THE GIRL IN THE SHADOWS   Through a Rose Tinted Lens

The Girl in the Shadows Part 1 A Pint of the Black Stuff  Paperback  Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo

The Girl in the Shadows Part 2 There’s no Place like Home Paperback  Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo

The Girl in the Shadows Part 3 When the Apple is Ripe, it will Fall Paperback  Amazon 

Nook Books  Kobo

The Girl in the Shadows Part 4 Through a Rose-Tinted Lens Paperback Amazon  Nook Books 

Paranormal Romance


Love’s Spirit – When two Hearts Collide Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo


Irish_Paranormal_Hau_Cover_for_Kindle   DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL iph 2   content-5350006-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL stuff of nightmares latest   DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL little book of horror

Irish Paranormal Haunts Paperback Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo

Irish Paranormal Haunts Vol 2 Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo

True Stories from the Dark Side Amazon

Stuff of Nightmares Paperback

Amazon  Nook Books 

A Little Book of Horror Amazon  Nook Books  Kobo

Self help


Fibromyalgia – My Personal Experiences Amazon Nook Books  Kobo

A Self Help Guide to Stress Relief and Stress Management Amazon Nook Books  Kobo

Asthma – My Own Experiences Amazon

How to Guides


Power up Your Facebook Business Page in 7 Days Amazon

A Seller’s Guide to Successful Online Auctions Amazon

Quiz Books


Sudoku Madness Amazon

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