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Busy Busy Busy!!!

First book; 10,000 words typed and edited (first edit!), 3,000 words of next book in series written, reading 2 books for review, and 1 waiting to be read and reviewed… It’s been a busy weekend so far and it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

Will post reviews as soon as I can, loving both books so far! If you want to know what they are check out my Goodreads profile

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Redemption by Clara Grace Walker

I have just finished reading the third book in this series. Gratification and Gossip being numbers one and two.

This is a fast paced murder mystery, thriller series. Each book tells a different story but the characters intertwine and by the end of Redemption you truly feel that you personally know them all.

Slick, sexy and seductive, these books are an absolute must for any fans of the murder mystery and thriller genres.

I simply could not put them down and the word “page turner” certainly holds true.

Handsome, sexy men, and strong, beautiful women this series has it all. A strong storyline in each book with plenty of sub plots draws the reader in and holds the attention.

A Definite 5 Stars from me!!!!

GRATIFICATION (Desire Never Dies Book 1)

Gossip (Desire Never Dies Book 2)

Redemption (Desire Never Dies Book 3)

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Choosing a book

What makes you click that “add to cart” button?

You go to your favorite book site. You put your genre of choice into the search box. The list comes up. You start scrolling through. Suddenly, you see it. The Book.

What makes you stop there, at that particular book? Are you even aware of why you have stopped there?

I know what makes me stop. Think about it and let me know if one of these makes you stop.

If your reason is not on the list feel free to add a comment below.


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Novel Update

The first draft of the first part of my novel is finished! I have already started editing it. I’ll be looking for beta readers soon so if you are interested in reading and commenting on it before it is published just message me!

I thought the editing stage would be boring – I always write fiction longhand so it has to be typed up during the first editing – but it is so much fun!

The story is getting better and stronger already. Can’t wait to see this one in print!!!!

Genre???? Irish Historical Drama???? with some humor thrown in…..



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Finally!!! A novel or three in progress!!!

After years of thinking I should stick to short stories or non fiction I finally found the inspiration.
And then inspiration became a short story.
The short story turned into a longer story.
The longer story turned into three longer stories.
20,000 words in and the well is getting fuller every day. I can see the story right to the end and even if it never becomes a bestseller it is just bubbling to be born.
I’ll keep you up to date here and when the first draft has been edited I’ll post a sample to give you a taster….

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Stress Relief eBook now Available in more Formats

A Self Help Guide to Stress Relief and Stress Management is now available through Smashwords in all eBook formats.

Also available at the following outlets Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd , PageFoundry, Barnes & Noble, Flipkart and Baker & Taylor.

Click here for more Details

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