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Second Draft Completed!

Well, the first book of the series is well and truly on its way! Second draft done and ready to be sent out to the Beta Readers.

Got ideas for covers more or less sorted but still some work to be done. Also, working titles need to be decided upon but I think I’m nearly there!

Second part coming along nicely. I still have no idea how Grace is going to get to her final destination, I just know where it is! (She’s still very fickle – I want her to do one thing but she goes off and does something completely different. I only hold the pen, she directs it!)

Hoping for a release date in early October but I will know more when I have the book back from the readers and the cover and titles properly sorted.




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ALS (Motor Neuron Disease) Ice Bucket Challenge

My daughter, best friend and I were all nominated for the challenge so we decided to do it together, on the street, outside my friend’s coffee shop.

We stopped traffic and everyone had a great laugh especially my friend’s daughter who throw water balloons at us!

A fun time was had by all on an otherwise bleak, wet, depressing day.

The important thing is to remember why we did it – to support the Irish Motor Neuron Disease fund. This awful disease is known outside Ireland as ALS. Too many people suffer with too little help, let’s change that in our own small way….

Don’t forget to keep donating!

Watch us getting a good soaking!

Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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Character Surprises!

I am now just over half way through the second part of my Period Drama Novel. I can not believe how this novel seems to be writing itself. The words still flow but even though I know where she will end up, I have no idea how my main character will arrive at her destination!

She takes turns and tangents everywhere! I sit down to write a preplanned idea and she decides that it is not the way to go and immediately goes off in a different direction.

She has just taken up a new career. When I first came up with her character, there was no suggestion that she would ever work, much less have her own career!

This girl really has a life of her own. I can see her clearly in my mind and know a lot about her but every day I look forward to her revealing more of her personality!


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My Fingers may Drop off!

Decided to write a small bit more of my novel today. Got a bit carried away and over 1200 words later I thought I would take a break as I write longhand. My fingers were cramping but my brain was still racing.

I fired up the laptop intending to play a few facebook games or catch up with peeps on twitter.

I couldn’t resist it could I?

I’ll just type up a few pages of the novel and edit as I go. 1500 words later my wrists as well as my fingers are cramping.

Time to take a break.

Open wordpress.

Start typing new post…..

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