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Love’s Spirit

Joseph falls for the beautiful Elizabeth but she leads him on and then leaves him for someone else. Devastated by his loss, Joseph turns to the charms of the ladies at Madam Corbin’s establishment.


Tragedy ensues and through this unfortunate turn of events, Joseph meets Eliza. Feeling drawn to her, he pursues her but will he convince her to accept him as he is?

Eliza  falls for the handsome John Gilster and Joseph thinks his heart is fated to remain broken. He refuses to give up on his love and at last, Eliza sees him as he truly is.

Will death keep them apart or is death the only chance they have to be together?

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A Taste of Things to Come!

An Extract from a new Novel I’m Working on!

It’s a Paranormal Historical Romance! 

Joseph risked a quick glance over his shoulder and flashed Elizabeth a smile, “You’ll never catch up riding side saddle anyway!”
Elizabeth slowed her mare, “Joseph Hopwood! A lady always rides this way!”
Joseph leaned back in his saddle and the stallion responded at once, slowing his gait and allowing his master to bring him to a halt.
Elizabeth brought her mare to a halt beside the bigger stallion. “Why have you stopped?”
Joseph laughed and gazed into her beautiful brown eyes, “To let you catch up of course!”
To hide her confusion, Elizabeth looked back to where the rest of the horses and riders were still two fields away. The sounds of the hunting horns came closer while the baying of the hounds faded into the distance.

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Free Stuff!!!!

For a limited time only!

Download your free copy of Irish Paranormal Haunts

Read about my experiences as a Paranormal Investigator. Scary, creepy and packed with unexplained happenings.


Download your free copy now Irish Paranormal Haunts

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Stuff of Nightmares – 5 Short Stories to Help you Sleep…

For lovers of the paranormal and the darker side of life, these five fictional short stories are from the mind of a real paranormal investigator. Dark, macabre and compelling, they make an excellent bedtime read especially for nights with a full moon….


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Irish Paranormal Haunts

Irish Paranormal Haunts
For lovers of the Paranormal….



6 Irish haunted locations with background details, purported paranormal happenings and the actual experiences of the author.

Ireland is well known as a paranormal paradise with thousands of suspected haunted places just waiting to be investigated. This short book looks at six of these locations in details allowing you, the reader to decide….

Haunted… or not?

Available now for download to Kindle, Tablet and Smartphone as well as on Paperback


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