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The Girl in the Shadows – Review

Just got a five star review for my latest book! 


Format:Kindle Edition

Before I begin my review, I am going to assume you’re reading this because either A: You’re asking yourself “Is this the book for me?”. Whilst I do not know you or your interests, I can say this; The answer to that question is most definitely yes. Or B: You are the author and are curious about the feedback to your book, in which case allow to me ease your fears by telling you now that your book is indeed superb.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s proceed shall we? Kim O’Shea’s ‘The Girl in the Shadows: A Pint of the Black Stuff’ sees the author breakthrough into the world of fiction with remarkable style and finesse as if she had belonged there all along. Read on and follow the journey of the main character Grace, a child of 4 years at the bottom of a large rural family whilst she grows through her youthful years, as she runs headlong into every crevice and chasm that life has to offer in search of answers. Ever inquisitive and rarely knowing when to draw the line, brazenly discover all there is to know and learn growing up through Grace’s viewpoint, from just what exactly goes on in the ditches to where you can order your next baby from and everything in between. And with a twist, later revelations in the book will have you flipping back the pages with a whole new perspective on everything preceding it.

Kim O’Shea beautifully captures the trials and tribulations involved in growing up with scenes packed full of humour in even the most serious of moments that will have you roaring with laughter, seamlessly followed by sweet moments that will draw a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. Filled to the brim with carefully crafted details, this book may be fictional but will have you believing every word and feeling everything the characters feel. The Girl in the Shadows will not leave your hands from the first page right down to the final word and you’ll be left eagerly anticipating the rest of the story to follow. This coming-of-age book is a must read for anyone, and I definitely recommend it.

A word of warning: If you opt to eat or drink whilst you read this book, be weary that you may end up spitting out your food/drink in knowing chuckles or outright laughter at the scenes depicted within. You have been warned.

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Available for Pre-Order!!!!

It’s official! The Girl in the Shadows (Kindle edition) is now available to pre-order!

Pre-order Now!


The Girl in the Shadows struggles to overcome the harsh reality of growing up in rural Ireland in the 1940s and 50s. Share her laughter and tears as she learns to grow in every sense of the word.

Pre-order now

Also available on paperback

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The Girl in the Shadows – A short extract!

My grandmother was getting on in years. She was nearly sixty at this time and to me she seemed ancient. I watched her closely every day.

“Granny Maura, do you think you’ll go straight to Heaven when you die?”Since I made my first Holy Communion I had become fascinated by Heaven and Hell.

“Of course I will! Sure, why wouldn’t I?”

“Mam says smoking and drinking are sins and I’ve seen you smoking your little pipe and having a second glass of poitin when the neighbours call.”

“Smoking and drinking too much are sins but a few puffs and a few sips are good for you.”

“Is that why the Priest fills up the chalice with wine every Sunday and drinks it down without wasting a drop?” I was intrigued.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The wine is turned into the blood of Christ and that’s why the Priest drinks it

without wasting a drop!” My grandmother nearly had a seizure.

“Mick said he tried it once and it’s definitely not blood.”

“If the Priest catches Mick anywhere near the communion wine he’ll never be left near the altar again. Anyway, sure the Priest always wipes out the chalice after he finishes the wine.” My grandmother was calming down.

“Yes, but Mick said the cloth he used was covered in red wine not blood and he knows because he tasted blood when he cut his finger.” I was sure of my facts.

My grandmother sighed. “You’re a strange one.”

I wasn’t finished yet. “Granny Maura, are you pleased that you will soon see my grandfather? You know, when you die too?”

My grandmother swatted me on the arm, “Get away from me child! I’m not dead yet!”

“Yes,” I replied thoughtfully, “but you soon will be. All old people die and you’re really old.”

My grandmother was not impressed. “Child, run out and mind the hens before I slap some manners into you!”

I went outside to do as I was told, but I wasn’t convinced. After thinking about it, I decided that she wasn’t really lying; old age had just made her forget that she was going to die. I thought it would be only right for me to remind her regularly so that she would be prepared and her soul could go straight to Heaven.

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The Girl in the Shadows

Just a sneak peek of the cover. Release date to be announced….

The Girl in the Shadows is growing up in rural Ireland in the middle of the twentieth century. Share the laughter and tears as she makes her way in a world so different from the one we know today.

Soon to be released in Paperback as well as an eBook

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