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Marketing – Every Author’s Nightmare

So, the book is ready to go. The cover looks great. The blurb is written and the social media posts are scheduled.

Now what?

Blog tours, interviews, press releases, emails ready to go out to the list.

That’s all very well if you know what you are doing or if you have a following or some die-hard fans or even some previous success, but what if you’re a newbie? What if you don’t have an email list? Or a huge social media following?

Where do you start?

At the bottom.


Start building a list, reach out to your social media followers and get going!

Sounds great, right?

It also sounds difficult, confusing and likely to fail.

How do we, as writers, become marketers?

The first thing we need to do is reach out to people who have been there, done that already.

Pick someone we admire. Read, watch and listen to every word they create. Take notes. Put some (or all) of their advice into practice and do the work.

Actually, DO it.

Not just absorb it, put it into practice!

Right! I’m off!

If anyone wants to share my journey and help one another on the way, reach out!




Looking forward to sharing with you!


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Online Book Promotion Resource

So, you’ve finished your book,you’ve published it and now you’re waiting and wondering why you are not yet a millionaire.
Well, you may never be a millionaire from writing but with some dedication and hard work you can certainly make some money.
I came across this book recently and found it to be very informative and a fantastic resource when trying to promote books through giveaways and other promotions.



Easy to follow, simple to use, these great tips are the blueprint for a great marketing campaign. No more hit and miss, make your marketing work for you and save time and money.

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